Feel Alive. Not a simple slogan, but a real lifestyle, a way of understanding sport fishing which inspires all the design, research and development work of Daiwa products. In terms of aesthetics, functionality, construction quality, our products are created to faithfully respond to this philosophy: to make the most beautiful sport in the world even more exciting.

Daiwa's story

Ever since the first Daiwa reel was born in 1958, our only mission has been to provide enthusiasts around the world with the best sport fishing products ever made. To do this we have constantly invested in research and innovation: our cutting-edge technologies have literally revolutionized the sector and our products have taken the fishing experience to a level previously unimaginable.

Development of new materials

It is no coincidence that Daiwa was the first brand in the world to use carbon fiber for its products. Already starting from 1979 he started developing composite materials and integrating graphite both for the body and for the rotor of the reels, until after decades of research and improvements, he created the Zaion: a revolutionary material with characteristics of lightness and resistance. never seen before.
In 2010, research on carbon led to the creation of the “Z-SVF”, a particular high-density carbon with reduced resin content, used by Daiwa on its best fishing rods, the lightest on the market.

MAGSEALED: a new technological frontier.

In 2010 Daiwa introduced a technology hitherto the prerogative of aerospace engineering to the world of fishing reels for the first time: Magsealed. Based on the use of a special magnetized oil, this technology protects the internal mechanics of the reels from exogenous agents, incredibly increasing reliability and longevity.

Always in evolution

The passion for innovation has always distinguished Daiwa. For this reason, driven by the desire to make the fishing experience of every enthusiast even more special and exciting, our technologies are and will always be evolving, constantly looking for improvements and innovative technical solutions.

The new era of spinning reels

Daiwa introduces the concept of “Minimalist Engineering” in Spinning reels. LT Technology introduces new and reduced dimensions of the reels but at the same time makes them more resistant. A compact body design with a stronger Digigear drive wheel for a perfect combination of light weight and strength. This is thanks to the development of new composite materials and exclusive technical solutions patented by Daiwa, which have made it possible to obtain mechanical performances never achieved before.



GLOBERIDE, as a lifetime sports company, we sincerely engage in environmental conservation activities and have established “BE EARTH FRIENDLY” as our code of conduct, with the aim of contributing to people around the world who love nature and sports. As part of that, Since long years Daiwa has continued to clean up trashes at fishing sites and environments with peoples as part of our ThinkClean activities. In October 2009, this “Think Clean” activity was renamed and streamlined by "BE EARTH-FRIENDLY" and we do not only clean up fishing environments, but also support the activities of the Daiwa Young Fishing Club (Daiwa Young Fishermen's Club) in Japan. In addition to cleaning up fishing grounds, the company has also been involved in activities to convey the importance of the natural environment to children through schools such as the Daiwa Young Fishing Club (DYFC) and the development of environmentally friendly products. We have also developed a wide range of environmental activities, including the development of environmentally friendly products. Why don't we start with the basics, such as not producing your own garbage and picking up any garbage you notice?



For the packaging of rods and reels, Daiwa uses recycled cardboard and, where possible, printed with ink obtained from soy

Catch & Release

Daiwa supports Catch & Release. When catching a fish, make sure your hands are wet before touching it. You will avoid that dry hands can damage the protective mucus of the fish and consequently lower its immune defenses. If the hook has penetrated deep into the fish's mouth, it is essential to remove it using appropriate pliers.